Sunday, June 19, 2016

Exciting News to Share

I have the distinct privilege to share this worthwhile news!!! Quite a bit of activity has been happening since the 1st of the year, 2016. Currently there is an ongoing collaborative effort underway at the property formerly known as St Scholastica Academy. A formal offer has been made on the property, I have met several times with the foundation that submitted the offer. We have discovered that we are extremely like-minded in our visions. The foundation has offered us an opportunity to champion an important piece of Academy history. We have accepted the proposal to acquire and operate the Historic Building at 615 Pike Ave pending all ongoing efforts come to fruition.
We have started the process of creating a non-profit organization to operate from, in order to acquire, refurbish and maintain the historic building, which is registered with the Fremont County Historic Society. We will have a definitive and directive purpose by the end of summer.
Please feel free to share this exciting news with all interested alumni, local residents and concerned citizens wanting to assist us in reclaiming this beautiful building.
Just think SSA Alumni and Faculty would have a place to visit when visiting Canon City. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (The Academy Community Campus) as well, to stay current with updates throughout the summer.

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